Miguel Carvallo

Miguel Carvallo, President of Stow Collaboration for Change

President of Stow Collaboration for Change (SC4C), Miguel (he/him) grew up in Stow, and attended Stow-Munroe Falls City Schools, from elementary to high school. Growing up in Stow posed its own challenges, and it was important for him to know his identity, especially as a person of color (POC), in a school system that is overwhelmingly white.

He found solace and friendship in the marching band, but noticed that even in this group, where he felt comfortable, conversations about race were never encouraged, and rarely occurred.

Miguel also participated in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, and went on to become an Eagle Scout. During this time, he saw his fair share of tense interactions, and generally different treatment, of his POC peers, compared to their white counterparts.

After graduating, Miguel realized that he wasn’t proud of his hometown, knowing from personal experience how issues of race are handled. In the summer of 2020, Miguel reached out to a number of fellow alumni who were also passionate about racial justice, and SC4C was born.

In his free time, Miguel enjoys making stencils, and listening to music (Wu-Tang Forever). He can’t wait until he’s able to see live music again.